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Spilled coffee cup
Coffee, Coffee Beans

Does coffee go bad?

Regular coffee drinkers don’t often experience this problem. Unless they buy in bulk and have coffee that’s been stashed in their pantry for several months. Does coffee go bad? You might be wondering this yourself if you were gifted a seasonal variety of something, tried it once, and then forgot […]

Strong cup of coffee

Does using more coffee make it stronger?

Do you like your coffee strong? Many people do. That bold and rich taste is the stuff dreams are made of. Very few people ever seem to enthuse about weak coffee, and for a good reason. Coffee powers us through our days and helps us feel even-keeled. If you like […]

Can you eat raw ground coffee?
Coffee Beans

Can you eat raw ground coffee?

Most Americans ages 18 and up drink coffee every single day. To be more specific, that’s over half of the population that feels like you do every morning. In fact, 54% say coffee makes them feel like themselves. If you’re the kind of person who has a sign posted on […]