Coffee Beans

Delicious looking brown coffee beans

How long will whole coffee beans last in the freezer?

Where do you keep your coffee? Some people firmly believe keeping whole coffee beans in the freezer is the way to go. Others say that’s completely wrong. So, who is right? It’s getting a bit confusing, though if you want to know how long whole coffee beans will last in […]

Spilled coffee cup

Does coffee go bad?

Regular coffee drinkers don’t often experience this problem. Unless they buy in bulk and have coffee that’s been stashed in their pantry for several months. Does coffee go bad? You might be wondering this yourself if you were gifted a seasonal variety of something, tried it once, and then forgot […]

Beautiful brown freshly roasted coffee beans

Do coffee beans lose caffeine over time?

While most of us drink coffee because we love the way it tastes, there’s another reason we drink it daily. After the alarm drones and wakes us for the day, it’s the only thing that helps our eyes stay open. But did you know that some coffees have more caffeine […]

Fine ground coffee

Is fine ground coffee stronger?

Are you disappointed with the way your coffee tastes when you make it at home? If so, you’re in the right place. You might think that you can never get the kind of coffee you pop into the coffee shop for in your own kitchen, but all you need is […]