What Should I Do with The Cream on Top of My Milk?

What Should I Do with The Cream on Top of My Milk?

With real milk that isn’t homogenized, it is quite normal to find a layer of cream that forms on top. If all you’ve had is the homogenized milk though, opening a container of milk to find this layer may be disturbing. However, consider yourself lucky when you get cream on […]

Spoiled day-old coffee

Is it OK to drink day-old coffee?

While it’s usually never a coffee-lover’s intent to leave behind coffee in the pot, sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you brewed more than you needed, or perhaps you forgot to pour your to-go cup for the road on the way to work. You could have even been distracted […]

Spilled coffee cup

Does coffee go bad?

Regular coffee drinkers don’t often experience this problem. Unless they buy in bulk and have coffee that’s been stashed in their pantry for several months. Does coffee go bad? You might be wondering this yourself if you were gifted a seasonal variety of something, tried it once, and then forgot […]

Fine ground coffee

Is fine ground coffee stronger?

Are you disappointed with the way your coffee tastes when you make it at home? If so, you’re in the right place. You might think that you can never get the kind of coffee you pop into the coffee shop for in your own kitchen, but all you need is […]