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Man pouring in hot coffee in the morning
Coffee Makers

Can coffee makers make you sick?

Every day, you faithfully start your day by brewing up your coffee in your coffee maker. Maybe you drink just one or two cups, or maybe you drink an entire pot of the stuff. But no matter how much of your home-brewed coffee you’re drinking, you might unwittingly be subjecting […]

Stove-top coffee percolator
Coffee Makers

How Long Should You Percolate Your Coffee?

While many people choose coffee machines to make their morning cup of coffee, coffee percolation has been a method for ages. Some people prefer this old-school style of brewing up coffee while others, who surely appreciate the way it tastes when made for them, don’t realize it isn’t as complex […]

two cups of coffee from a coffee maker
Coffee Makers

How long do coffee makers last?

There are two types of people in this world – those who must start their day with coffee and those who are nuts. Joking aside, when you’re a coffee-lover, you can’t fathom getting going into your day without a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee also has some astounding health benefits […]

Coffee maker on a kitchen table
Coffee Makers

Can I leave my coffee maker on?

Most of us forget something sooner or later when we’re rushing around, getting ready to go in the morning. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, perhaps turning off the coffee pot is something you’ve forgotten on occasion. This isn’t a huge deal if you’ve got a model that has automatic […]