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White ceramic mug filled with coffee beside ground coffee beans
Coffee Beans

Can you grind already ground coffee?

There is nothing like that smell of fresh coffee, is there? Whether you roam into a cozy café off the chilly streets, lured in by the smell, or you’re just getting up in the morning and that warm, friendly smell is wafting into your nostrils, coffee is a heavenly aroma. […]

Coffee grounds
Coffee Beans

Are coffee grounds bad for drains?

If you’re here, you’re a coffee drinker. And you’re in good company! For most American coffee drinkers consume around 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day. Every day begins roughly the same way with pots of coffee brewed up while getting ready to head to the office. Those pots […]

Microwave used for making coffee

How to Make Coffee Using a Microwave

For most coffee-lovers, having a coffee machine is an essential tool. But sometimes you’re on the road, perhaps at a hotel that doesn’t have a coffee maker in the room. And other times, you could be in the middle of replacing your coffee maker for a new one after it […]