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How Long Does Marsala Wine Last?

How Long Does Marsala Wine Last?

If you’ve decided to make the iconic dish of chicken marsala, you’ve likely discovered that the recipe calls for marsala wine. This fortified wine from Italy is a mandatory ingredient for making this dish authentically. But how long does it last? That’s the question most people want to know. Because […]

Is Fermented Orange Juice Safe to Drink?

If you love starting your day with orange juice, you’re not alone. However, what if you’ve gone out of town for a bit and come home to orange juice you’ve left for a while that has become fermented. Is it fermented orange juice safe to drink? While plenty of people […]

What Should I Do with The Cream on Top of My Milk?

What Should I Do with The Cream on Top of My Milk?

With real milk that isn’t homogenized, it is quite normal to find a layer of cream that forms on top. If all you’ve had is the homogenized milk though, opening a container of milk to find this layer may be disturbing. However, consider yourself lucky when you get cream on […]

Man pouring hot water in a carafe with a white coffee filter

Are brown or white coffee filters better?

When shopping for coffee filters, you might wonder if there’s a difference between brown or white coffee filters. I mean, aside from the obvious differences in color! Is there anything else though that you should know? As a matter of fact, there is. White coffee filters provide a better flavor […]

Spoiled day-old coffee

Is it OK to drink day-old coffee?

While it’s usually never a coffee-lover’s intent to leave behind coffee in the pot, sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you brewed more than you needed, or perhaps you forgot to pour your to-go cup for the road on the way to work. You could have even been distracted […]